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  • Family Law

    VENTURA COUNTY DIVORCE LAWYERS Divorce changes the landscape of all families it affects. Divorce does not discriminate and affects couples married a short time, those together for decades, those with children and those without. The bottom line is that the impact of divorce is long-lasting.When you are going through a... Read more »

  • Personal Injury

    VENTURA COUNTY CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS Car accidents do not damage only the vehicles involved. Accidents can cause serious injuries that in turn result in necessary medical care, treatment, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. For the lucky people, injuries heal and eventually they get back to their lives.... Read more »

  • Criminal Defense

    VENTURA COUNTY CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS A conviction is a conviction. Any kind of criminal record can have a negative impact on your life. Before you make a mistake that could jeopardize your case, contact the law firm of Renshaw & Associates. We are a California firm defending clients charged with... Read more »

  • Legal Malpractice

    VENTURA LEGAL MALPRACTICE LAWYERS Everyone makes mistakes, personally and professionally. When a doctor or other health care provider makes a mistake and injures another, we can help the injured by bringing a medical malpractice claim. If a contractor makes a mistake, you can sue for damages or notify various agencies... Read more »

  • Bankruptcy

    VENTURA COUNTY BANKRUPTCY LAWYERS Financial distress is a major concern for a large portion of our nation's population. With the current economic conditions, bankruptcy is a viable alternative for people everywhere. In the face of job loss, mortgage foreclosure, divorce, medical bills, credit card debt, tax debts and other obligations,... Read more »

  • Estate Planing

    VENTURA COUNTY ESTATE PLANNING LAWYERS Give Your Family The Protection You Envision By preparing an estate plan now, you can save your loved ones considerable time and uncertainty down the road. An effective estate plan is the vehicle through which you communicate your financial and health care wishes. You obtain... Read more »

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